One Hundred Years

High Quality Basic Wear for Men and Woomen

Proudly Made in Kenya

When you buy an item from One Hundred Years you buy a piece of Kenya. To make sure that our products are not only of the highest quality and perfect fit, but also made in a sustainable way, we manufacture all our products in a Fair Trade-certified facility in Nairobi. 

We work only with 100% cotton fabrics sourced from East Africa. By keeping a close knitted value chain of reliable partners based in the region, we can guarantee high quality while minimizing our ecological footprint. 

Beyond Looking Good 

Wearing One Hundred Years, you are sure to look good. However, we know that simply looking good is not enough for our customers. Knowing that what you wear was made sustainably makes you feel good, which in the end is what matters. We are proud to partner with Kiboko Leisure Wear, a Fair Trade-certified manufacturer that takes particular pride in their promotion of women in the work place.

Cotton Made in Africa

We support the Cotton made in Africa-initiative. By using CmiA-certified fabrics we support small scale-farmers in East Africa. To read more, please visit